Pastor Carleton
Carl behind the pulpit.

Carl Towns – Founder

First and foremost; Carl is our Pastor, a teacher of God’s Word and loves to share the Gospel through teaching the scriptures but also through music!
Carl is also a singer, songwriter and musician who plays with The Dade County Boys and does solo work as well.

Carl with Rhonda Vincent at The Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville.

He is the Music Director for God’s Country and all around wearer of many hats forWRN!
Learn more about Carl on his website: CarlTowns.Com



Jennifer Griffith – Co-Director

Jennifer Griffith
Jennifer Griffith – Music Director – The Rock

Jennifer loves the Lord and loves Christian Music and that makes her an ideal candidate for Co-Director of Wilderness Radio.

If you have a question or comment for Jennifer you can email her:



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