Wilderness Radio – Let the Gospel ring forth into all the world!

Wilderness Radio has been on the air for almost seven years! We have had ups and downs but the Lord always sees us through.
Recently, we had to stop broadcasting because it was the right thing to do. Royalties for music can get pretty high, and the expenses climbed while support dwindled.
We stopped for a time. But now we are back. This time you will hear music on occasion, but our goal is to bring teaching and preaching to you that will help build a firm foundation in the Lord for the new Christian, while building up those who are battle hardened and need to hear the Truth!
So here we are, here to stay, at least until certain removes our ability to do so. But until that day we will preach the Gospel, in season, out of season. Some programming may not be exactly how we believe, but we will present it and let you discern through the Holy Spirit what is right.

We are in the process of adding and arranging programming. So please bear with us as we complete this and bring the gospel. Please contact us if you have suggestions.

Thank you very much and Father God Bless!

Carl Towns

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