We will be signing off at the end of the month.

Well the music has died on Wilderness Radio. I have been trying to find a solution, but the ones I have looked for, are just not good. The only way to continue music on Wilderness Radio is to pay the royalty fee which was instituted by Sound Exchange recently. Which is $500 to begin and could equate to $1,000s depending on listeners because it is based on the number of listeners. Listen I understand wanted to get paid royalties for a song, but the nature of Wilderness Radio is religious non-profit and I refuse to file 501(3)c to conform to the government laws of control against such religious organizations.
I receive on occasion a donation, but have never received enough to outright pay for everything: royalties, hosting, server, etc for the website and promotions. (Upwards of $2400/year, even more now with the royalty hike!) Most of that has come out of my pocket in the past, a pocket that is drained dry.
I am sorry I can no longer continue, tho we were reaching hostile, restricted countries where the gospel is not welcome. I don’t know. The children are sottish and they perish for lack of knowledge. No more Wilderness Radio unfortunately, have a nice life.


So Wilderness Radio will not longer be on the air in any capacity. Thank you for listening for 10 years. God Bless

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