CIW no longer broadcast on station.

Hello folks!
First of all thank you all for listening to Wilderness Radio! We love to share the gospel through music and hope you are enjoying every moment.

We have some news for any who may be coming to hear the live church service on Wilderness Radio. The Church in the Wilderness is no longer going to be aired on God’s Country, however, if you want to join in, it will be aired lived on YouTube. Simply go to our channel there: and there should be a live event waiting for you!

It will start at the same time, 2pm but will now include interactive chat and video feed as well.

We chose to do this because we know many come to listen to just music, so we want you to continue to enjoy that while offering a chance for you to visit and fellowship as well. You could even listen to Wilderness Radio on your phone while joining in the CIW on YouTube! Best of both worlds! 😀 Alright thank you and Father Bless! – Carl Towns

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