We Just Went Live with The Rock!

We give thanks to our Father! His precious mercies and grace has brought us back to where we left off before our server crashed, and even better!
With the return of our contemporary Christian music, He has built us back up better than before!
The Rock is now live and we will be adding new music over the next week. To listen, click on the listen button or visit The Rock web page. God Bless! And all praise and glory to the Lord!

Wilderness Radio.Net Facelift!

Well, if you have been here before there is no doubt in your mind that something is different around here! 😀

We have converted our website to more interactive website and have plans to integrate chat rooms and much more into our dot com. (Well, actually a dot net. )
Don’t forget to check out our Twitter account and follow us as well! @wrntwit
Thanks to you all for your continued support of Wilderness Radio. God Bless you and Maranatha!

Thank you!

Thank you for listening to us since 2009!

We are now back online in full force! Thanks to all who have given love gifts and made monthly commitments so far. This has gotten us up and feet flying with our server, website and royalty licensing.
We still need help and hope you will pray about it and consider contributing to Wilderness Radio. Doing so will ensure that we stay on the air.
This Radio Station is an outreach of Wilderness Ministries( and is fully supported by gifts from you, the listener. Without your help we can’t stay on air, as we do not air any commercials and therefore Continue reading