Thank you for consideration in providing financial support to this outreach of Wilderness Ministries. We love the Lord and want to continue serving him through this website along with our other branches of ministry.     Unfortunately, in this world it requires money to keep these things moving and so we humbly ask for any amount, no matter how small, to help us continue this Internet ministry.
Please give an amount that the Lord places on your heart. You are not required to give anything and we do not encourage you to give if you cannot afford it. However, if you feel the Father is speaking to you to give to this ministry, just know that it will go to spread His Word and provide services and ministry to those wandering in the wilderness of today, the internet.

Where is your gift used?
All the money we take in is used to support Wilderness Radio, going to the expense and upkeep of maintaining the websites, royalty licensing and hosting. It costs hundreds of dollars a year for keeping the website up and to pay for our www dot coms each year.

We are a Non-Registered Non-Profit
We are a non-registered non-profit meaning that we have not filed for the 501(3)C Articles of Incorporation for Non-Profits.
We believe that to do so is to conform to man’s world. A registered non-profit is bound by the laws that are laid out by the government and the registered Church must abide by those laws. We believe that some of these laws are not in alignment with God’s Word and confine the Church in saying things about certain individuals. One of these laws requires that the church not speak out against, or for any politician or other party. This is the main reason we do not conform. We will speak truth regardless. If there is one who is trying to deceive the children of God we will speak out against them.
This is why we will not file for the articles to become a non-profit.

What does that mean for you and any offerings you choose to give?
It simply means that we cannot issue you a tax-deductible receipt. You can still claim it as a gift, but we cannot give you documentation for it.
This is really the only thing that affects your gift. We will still use it for the purposes stated above and do not take a salary for anything we do.

Thank you for your consideration and please give any amount , every penny counts.


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