CIW no longer broadcast on station.

Hello folks!
First of all thank you all for listening to Wilderness Radio! We love to share the gospel through music and hope you are enjoying every moment.

We have some news for any who may be coming to hear the live church service on Wilderness Radio. The Church in the Wilderness is no longer going to be aired on God’s Country, however, if you want to join in, it will be aired lived on YouTube. Simply go to our channel there: and there should be a live event waiting for you!

It will start at the same time, 2pm but will now include interactive chat and video feed as well.

We chose to do this because we know many come to listen to just music, so we want you to continue to enjoy that while offering a chance for you to visit and fellowship as well. You could even listen to Wilderness Radio on your phone while joining in the CIW on YouTube! Best of both worlds! đŸ˜€ Alright thank you and Father Bless! – Carl Towns

Bads news for The Rock.

We regret that we had to discontinue The Rock. There was not enough response for the channel. If it doesn’t work after the third try, it is time to let it go.

So I hope you will continue to listen to our main stream, God’s Country and visit out ministry website at for more on the ministry!

Wilderness Radio T-Shirt

We are glad to announce that you can now purchase a Wilderness Radio T-shirt!

We are using Teespring to launch a fundraising campaign by offering our T-shirts. When you “reserve” a shirt, you are pre-ordering. There is a set amount of pre-orders we must accomplish in order for these shirts to be printed. Once we receive enough pre-orders, the shirts will be printed and sent to you. If the campaign reaches its end and there are not enough orders, the shirt will not be printed and you will not be charged.

Purchase of this shirt will help us stay on the air and continue to bring this great music to you around the world!

Please visit:

If you love Wilderness Radio, please support it by purchasing a shirt or two, or four and share with friends! Thank you for your prayers!

Support Us Through Patreon!

We are running a fundraising campaign through This website is place where artists and other creators can find support for the work they do by “patrons” who come and make pledges through their profile.
We have created a profile there at and are now asking our listeners to pledge an amount as small as one U.S. Dollar per month. This dollar helps pay for the hosting of our website, our stream and the royalties needed to continue airing the gospel through music around the world!

On God’s Country we play such artists as Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Primitive Quartet, Loretta Lynn, Alan Jackson, Rhonda Vincent and many more who bring that twang to the Gospel.

The Rock streams CCM 24/7. Spreading the Gospel of the Rock through the music of artists such as, Steven Curtis Chapman, Building 426, Remedy Drive, Chris Tomlin, Rebecca St. James, Natalie Grant and hundreds more of great Christian music.

In order to continue bringing Wilderness radio to those listening around the world, we must cover our costs. The radio is non-commercial and maintained through funding by listeners and partners of Wilderness Ministries. The monies we receive for this purpose cover Web Site Hosting($100/year), Stream hosting($220/year), Royalty Licensing($384/year) which provides legal airing of music. (We don’t want to be pirates! Arrr!!) We receive most of our music from artists and labels, but we also supplement that by purchasing music as well. The total yearly costs as of February 18th, 2015 is $704 US Dollars. All of this is funded by you, our listeners and partners, in spreading the Gospel throughout the world! We are looking to meet this need by a monthly pledge from you.  The pledges are detailed below:

  • At $1/Month, we need 60 people to help carry the Gospel around the world.
  • At $5/month, only 12 people who want to keep the Gospel airing to the nations is needed.
  • At $10/month, our monthly need can be met with just 6 people!
  • $20/month will keep us on with only 3 people!

For more information visit the Patreon website: