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Our free App is now live!

Hello everyone! Than you for supporting Wilderness Radio!
We are so excited to announce that our app is now available for your device. Download and use is free. Our partners at Nobex, created it free for us in trade for a bit of advertising within the app. I hope you will visit some of the ads to keep the app free for us and you, our faithful to God listeners!

Download and listen to our programming 24/7. Take it wherever you go and enjoy the uplifting, encouraging music we offer daily.

Below are the links for your favorite store:


Get it on Google Play

New Radio App coming!

Yes indeed!
We had a great app in the past, but when our station went off air for a bit, it got lost in the mix. We are however, working on getting the app back online and ready for you to download to your phone so that you can listen to Wilderness Radio whenever you want.
Please check back soon and we hope to have the APP up by next week! God Bless!

We’re Back!

We’re back! 8 years ago, Wilderness Radio began broadcasting great Bluegrass and County Gospel music. The number 8 means new beginnings in biblical mathematics. And we begin anew and afresh, with our programming. Please share and check out our website, where you can listen. Father God Bless you and thank you all for your support!

WRN to return. You can help!

Hello everyone! It is true, we are trying to get Wilderness Radio back up and running and you can help.
We have been around since 2009, almost 10 years now and in the past we had music and some teaching programs. When the people who determine the fees to play music on the internet chagned it, we had to shut down and went to talk only for a time. Now we are about to start back as talk but also with your help we can return that great Hillbilly Heaven music to the world and share the Gospel in song.
To do this, we have set up a store on our Wilderness Ministries website with some items for purchase. All the profit from those sales will go to help us stay up and running.  If you want to help great gospel music come back to the world, click here–> Please check out our shop! Father God Bless you!

Wilderness Radio is returning!

New life has sprung and Wilderness Radio will be returning to streaming full time by the first of next year. We have a nifty nedw player and are working on an app for your phones.

We are redeveloping our programming and are so thrilled that we will be able to bring you the best in Bluegrass, Country and CCM across the world, spreading the gospel of peace to all nations!