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There are changes happening.

We hope you will like the changes you may hear happening in progress on Wilderness Radio. Depending on how much time you spend listening, you will hear some of these changes eventually. And really not even changes, but additions for the better. At least we think so!
We will be adding some Positive Bluegrass and Country to our music lineup over the next several days. These songs will be songs about life in a positive, real light.
We are still 98% spreading the gospel with music, but part of the gospel is that we live IN this world but are not OF it. These positive songs will feature life’s hopeful, better side of living.
Listen for great music from Karen Lynne of Australia, an excellent artist from the land down under. Also Bob Corley is now in our rotation, bringing the Cowboy way to the air waves of Wilderness Radio. After all…


Shepherd’s Chapel comes to Wilderness Radio!

We are glad to add The Shepherd’s Chapel to our line of Bible teaching programs. The SCN has been going  strong for many years, teaching chapter by chapter and verse by verse just like we like it here at Wilderness Radio and Wilderness Ministries.

The Shepherd’s Chapel program will air Monday through Friday at 2pm and at midnight Tuesday-Saturday. For more information check out our Programming and Schedule pages.

We know you will learn something from  the teaching of Arnold and Dennis Murray.

Wilderness Radio.Net Facelift!

Well, if you have been here before there is no doubt in your mind that something is different around here! 😀

We have converted our website to more interactive website and have plans to integrate chat rooms and much more into our dot com. (Well, actually a dot net. )
Don’t forget to check out our Twitter account and follow us as well! @wrntwit
Thanks to you all for your continued support of Wilderness Radio. God Bless you and Maranatha!